Am I Safe? Go!

Am I Safe? Go!

Creating a safe working environment in combination with enforcing the rules as required by legislation form the basis for the work carried out by the employees of the MSO Group. All employees of the MSO Group receive detailed instructions from us about our own safety rules: Safe in ten steps.

These instructions will be sent on the first day of work and as part of our ''Am I Safe? Go!'' campaign. Every year, we also take a closer look at one of the safety rules. For example, over the past year, we have discussed the most important PPE, and we are currently focusing on tools.

Every quarter, we reward our employees for working safely and keeping themselves and others safe in the workplace with our Am I Safe Go Award. Our hall of famers and all information about the Am I Safe Go Campaign can be found on this page.


A Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) is carried out by our employees daily at the workplace and always immediately before the start of the work. The employees of the MSO Group have a LMRA card with them for this purpose. On the one hand, this serves as a reminder of the steps to be taken and on the other hand as a reminder that they perform the LMRA when necessary.

No risk with work equipment for a Go!

Last year, the MSO Group's safety campaign focused on personal protective equipment. Under the campaign name "Wear your PPE for a Go", we have highlighted and discussed the ten most important and commonly used personal protective equipment. This campaign has been successfully completed.

That is why, from September 2023, we are launching the new safety campaign "No risk with work equipment for a Go!'' This campaign focuses on knowledge, procedures, documentation, regulations and legislation and inspections of work equipment. These topics will be discussed for the ten most commonly used work equipment during each toolbox. The safety campaign is also in line with safety rule no. 5 of the MSO Group: "I only work with approved and CE-marked tools, lifting equipment or equipment".

Introduction Campaign work equipment

Working safely with a forklift truck

Working safely with a grinder

Working safely with a vacuum cleaner

Working safely with lifting tools

Working safely with a reciprosaw

Working safely with a cutting torch

Working safely with an excavator

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Wear your PPE for a Go!

In 2022, the PPE campaign ''Wear your PPE for a GO!'', in line with the campaign ''Am I Safe? Go!'' started. Every month we have highlighted an important piece of personal protective equipment (PPE). Within the MSO Group, we find it very important that everyone who works for us understands the importance of using the prescribed protective equipment. By wearing the right PPE, you reduce the risks you run while carrying out the work. The campaign was successfully completed in August 2023. Below you can find all the information that was shared during the campaign.

Information PPE Head Protection

Information PPE Hearing Protection

Information PPE Eye Protection

Information PPE Body Protection

Information PPE Gass Detection

Information PPE Breathing Protection

Information PPE Fall Protection

Information PPE Safety Shoes

Information PPE High Visibility Clothing

Information PPE Safety Gloves

Am I Safe? Go! Awards

Working safely is of paramount importance within the MSO Group. This is one of the reasons why the ''Am I Safe? Go! Award'' is presented quarterly to employees who make the best safety reports. These reports are made for and by our own employees and can relate to the prevention of near misses or dangerous situations, and may also be an idea about how the work can be carried out better and safer. Since the introduction of the Am I Safe? Go! Award, we have already received dozens of useful reports in the HSSEQ department, all of which have contributed to a safer working environment!

Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
Am I Safe Go Award Dhr
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