In the context of corporate social responsibility, it has been decided to set up the CO2 performance ladder in order to gain better insight into our CO2 emissions. By creating our CO2 footprint, our most important emission sources have been mapped.

The MSO Group communicates its energy policy, CO2 footprint and reduction targets internally and externally every six months. The level at which the MSO Group deals with CO2 reduction meets the requirements set by the SKAO / CO2 performance ladder for level 5.

A: Insight

The MSO Group has converted its own energy consumption into CO2 emissions to gain more insight into our CO2 emissions per energy flow. This insight into CO2 emissions makes it possible to set effective targets. The CO2 footprint was calculated for the first time in 2020. The footprint is recalculated every six months and communicated internally and externally.

B: Reduction

The MSO Group has set reduction targets to effectively reduce our CO2 emissions. To achieve this objective, reduction measures have been drawn up. These are assessed every six months for their effectiveness.

C: Communication

The MSO Group communicates publicly every six months about its energy reduction policy with regard to insight, reduction and participation in an initiative.

D: Participation

The MSO Group actively participates in initiatives regarding CO2 reduction in the sector or beyond. At the moment this is the initiative: CO2 initiative SavingSmart Together by KAM Advisor Holland.

MSO Group CO2 Performance Ladder annual figures 2023

The MSO Group has reduced CO2 emissions by more than half in recent years. In the first half of 2023, we reduced our CO2 emissions by more than 450 tonnes compared to 2020. For scope 3 we achieved a reduction of 3.72%.

It is our ambition to emit less CO2 every year. We achieve this ambition by, among other things, using electric cranes, electrical equipment, canteen and deco units with solar panels, CO2-neutral vehicles, a CO2-efficient office building and awareness campaigns for our staff. The infographic below shows our figures for 2023.

Scope 1:

  • Heating office and other commercial buildings
  • Fuel consumption of fleet (company vehicles)
  • Equipment fuel consumption.

Scope 2:

  • Electricity for office and other commercial buildings
  • Business kilometers in private cars

Would you like more general information about the CO2 performance ladder? You can find this on the website of the Climate-Friendly Procurement and Entrepreneurship Foundation (SKAO). Download the documents regarding the MSO Group's CO2 reduction policy below.