Members of the group

Entrepreneurship with synergy

The MSO Group was created in 2020 by merging three reputable demolition companies that have since been engaged in Entrepreneurship With Synergy: Meuva, Schotte and Oranje. By joining forces in knowledge, experience and services, we fully unburden clients around the world from demolition to preparation of sites in the industrial and civil sector. From oil refineries to power plants and from homes to hospitals. We have an effective, safe and sustainable total solution for even the most large-scale and complex projects.

Meuva is an expert and innovative disassembly company that has been offering worldwide solutions for ingenious, large-scale projects in the industrial sector since 1966. From the demolition of huge power plants to small specialist work such as removing gaskets. Meuva specialises in the (petro)chemical industry. Meuva helps clients come up with ideas and has out-of-the-box solutions for unconventional issues.

Schotte is an experienced and reputable demolition company that has been offering reliable solutions for various projects in both the industrial and civil sectors since 1930. From the demolition and disassembly of structures to the recycling of used materials and equipment. Thanks to years of experience, Schotte is known in almost all industries and Schotte has certified employees who deploy them for worldwide projects.

Oranje is a sustainable and committed decommissioning company that has been offering solutions for national projects in the civil sector since 1943. Oranje specialises in the decommissioning (sustainable demolition) and preparation of locations within urban redevelopment. These are projects for residential properties, companies, schools, hospitals and healthcare institutions. Oranje applies a sustainable approach when it comes to demolishing and reusing raw materials.